I Am SO Sorry…

Dear Followers,

     It appears as though the life on my Christian/personal blog has run out :( I simply haven’t enough time or important things to say(which is the most depressing part of all) to keep this blog up to date. I give you all my sincere apologies, I truly feel terrible…

     If you love what I write, the best thing you can do is just take it to heart and share it with others; that was the whole purpose of this blog. In a few days time, I might be starting up a photography blog, where all I need to do is post pictures and maybe a few written posts every now again. This will be much easier for me to keep up with and I would love it if you all went to take a look at it. I’ll probably post again about it when it’s up and running, but for now consider this A Life Manifesto’s final post D:

     Again, I am so TERRIBLY sorry for not keeping you updated and waiting this long to say something. Do forgive me <3 

Have a great life, and I seriously mean that,



Time to Man Up

This is going to be a short post for the most part as this is something that hit me like a brick earlier today and I wasn’t sure what else to do with it. Also, this is directed mostly towards guys if you couldn’t tell based on the title, but girls should also read this and watch the video to see who they should be looking to date. And don’t think that I see myself as all that and a bag of chips. I know I have a lot to work on. I wrote this as much for me as any of you.

One of the biggest problems in modern society is the warped image of male and female roles. Today, I’m going to talk about the warped male role. This is not to say that the female role isn’t as important, but the male role is something I (obviously) relate to. So I want you to ask yourself a question: do you think you’re a man? More importantly, would God think so? More than likely every single one of you answered yes. Unfortunately, we have a different definition of being a “man” than Jesus does. Jesus doesn’t see you as a man because you can fix an engine, beat up anyone and everyone,  can lift the most weight, or have had the most girlfriends. Jesus sees you as a man if you’re dedicated to following him. Jesus sees you as a man if you put him before yourself and your family. Jesus sees you as a man if you treat your girlfriend like she’s someone you actually care about. You treat her with respect, honor, and dignity (refer to my dating post: https://alifemanifesto.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/dating-god/). Jesus sees you as a man if you stand up for those that are picked on, not if you’re the one berating them. Jesus sees you as a man if you can put your pride aside and recognize him for what he is: all knowing. These are the things God wants to see in a man of God. So ask yourself again, do you think you’re a man?

Overwhelming…Or So You Think

How many times a day do you feel as if you can’t do it?

How many times a week do you feel like you can’t handle a situation or you have too much going on in your life?

How many times a month do you feel stressed to the breaking point?

How many times a year do you feel overwhelmed?

By now, most of us would probably start to lose track. Now I may be wrong, but I feel as though this post is for everyone, even myself. It’s a simple post really, one about doing what everyone hates most. A post about doing what I know I struggle with most. A post about handing over your life.

See, as human beings we all feel the need to have control over our life. We all love to be able to choose the outcome to a certain event and keep things in our control. But as we all have found out, one way or another, things don’t work out that way. So when things go awry what do we do? Well, there are a few common reactions:

We give up.

We turn to others who have their own stress to deal with, though sometimes they can help.

We find ourselves an escape. Drugs, alcohol, sex; everything that can backfire dramatically.

We bottle it up and try to move on.

Unfortunately, the most effective way to relieve our stress is also one of the most uncommon; giving our lives over to God. I’ve spent my entire life, all eighteen years, going back and forth over this. It’s by far one of my most difficult struggles, and all because I feel like I make better decisions for myself than the God who created me, you, and the entire galaxy (if this is something you have a hard time with, hit me up via message. I’ll be glad to talk :] ). But honestly, who am I to say that? What can I see in my life? I can only see what my eyes will show me. Maybe I can guess what might happen based on present circumstances, but who am I to know for sure? I can’t, I never will be able to.

This is where my logic led me to faith. See, God tells us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. If we’re to take Him at His word, and He’s never lied, then that would mean all circumstances good or bad, as long as our lives have been handed over for Him to govern, are in proper care. God tells us to test Him and see how He’ll pull through for us. But our job and struggle is realizing that we don’t have the right or the capability to know what’s best for us. Now that may burst your bubble and offend your ego, but it’s the truth. When I went through a rough patch in my life a few weeks ago and soon ran out of options. As I found out, this is when God tends to show up most: when we hit rock bottom. At that moment, I decided to trust my God and low and behold everything worked out.

So instead of turning to all the other “solutions” that this world has to offer, consider taking a leap of faith with a God that never fails. I know it seems as though I’m rambling on and on but my main point is this: God gives us the opportunity to trust Him before everything we try fails miserably. Next time things go sour, don’t waste any time. Try calling on God.

Apple! :D

So I just wanted to take a break from the sermon-esque style of writing that I’ve been using and relish in something close to my heart…Apple! :D I purchased my MacBook Pro in early June of this year and I have used it to do everything humanly possible. I have done school work, Photoshop, played games, blogged, and anything else one would do on a computer, but without all the Windows hiccups! I must say I am pleased, especially with the new App Store that is included. I can find an app for almost anything and everything and it truly is a blessing :) ALSO! I purchased the iPhone 4 a few weeks ago and I am just as pleased, if not more! This phone has become my PDA, calendar, video game console, camera, remote control, and much more. I even keep track of my blog from my phone! I know this whole post may seem random, but I figured I would just take a second and share my love and appreciation of all things Apple :) If any of you are looking to get a new computer or phone, consider an Apple product. You won’t be disappointed! :D

Dating God

If there is one thing that I’ve realized throughout my short but dramatic dating life, it’s that keeping God in your relationships is the key to success. I mean, quite frankly, we as human beings naturally fail at communicating well, putting others before ourselves, and being selfless; ironically the key aspects of a good relationship. So in order for us to successfully date and keep relationships we need help from someone who understand what true love is. That someone is God.

Now before you go and claim that you do keep God in your relationships I just want to ask one question: Do you treat your significant other the same way that you would treat God on date? I know this may seem a little bizarre and far-fetched, but God claims that we are His bride as Christians and what better relationship to model yours after than after someone who is perfect? Obviously I’m not so drastically making a parallel between God and your significant other as to say you should worship them, give them offering, or pray to them, some logic and common sense needs to be applied here. But what I am saying is that if you want to make sure that you treat whomever you love in your life in the best way possible consider the following questions on your next date:

(For guys, try to imagine God as a woman. It’ll save you some awkwardness.)

  • Would you say that to God?
  • Would you touch God like that?
  • Would you think about God that way?
  • Would you do that with God?
  • Would you take God there?
  • Would God see you as a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
If the answer to any of the above questions was no, I would ask you to reconsider whatever it is you may be doing. This is a tough way to keep yourself accountable, trust me, but it is also the most effective. Just keep in mind that not only are you a child of God, but your boyfriend/girlfriend is one as well.
“Flee from youthful lusts; but follow righteousness, faith, charity, and peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”
– 2 Timothy 2:22

More Than Camp

Okay, so before you knock this post as me reminiscing on a cheesy camp experience, please realize how un-cheesy (I can make up words) this camp experience really was. It changed my life. But first, I probably need to set a little bit of background information. PFYouth is part of the Assembly of God church and focuses its efforts entirely on the youth. Every year they put on a camp in July for Florida based youth groups to visit. Now I went to this camp extremely stressed out, with life bearing down on me. I can be honest and say I was expecting something to happen, but I wasn’t really sure what. Undoubtedly, what I got was more than I could of asked for.

Now everyone has a past. We all have our secrets locked tightly away, buried underneath the skeletons in our closets. I am no different. I went to camp with a huge burden of self hatred, lacking the ability to forgive myself for things I had done. I felt as though I had a legitimate reason, because my past was affecting my life then and will continue to do so. But what I didn’t know is that God with his love and forgiveness had a completely different plan for me that week.

One night, while an evangelist named Allen Griffin was speaking, he proceeded to do an altar call, offering everyone and anyone to come forward with certain issues. Unfortunately, as I then saw it, he mentioned self hatred. With my youth pastor waiting up front I slowly approached him balling my eyes out. Now I can openly say this because crying is manlier than stuffing it away deep inside. Anyone can do that, it takes a lot more to be willing to let God take over your emotions. I told him of my past and how I felt about it then. I continued to cry for quite a long time and eventually the serviced ended. Surprisingly, I did not feel any different about my past than I had before. But sometimes God works on a totally different time table than we do.

I spent the rest of the night and next day thinking about how God views my sin; as something he literally wipes from his memory. As the days continued I started to forgive myself. What really brought it about, though, was seeing not only what God can do for me, but what he can do for those I love. I witnessed hearts being completely changed, gaping wounds being lovingly sewn shut, and tortured souls being freed from years of transgression. I thought to myself of how vast my God’s love is; how it covers all pain and sin. That was the moment where my past became my past. I will always have to remind myself of God’s never-ending forgiveness, but as they say, all saints have a past and all sinners have a future. So even though I stated earlier that camp changed my life, I stand corrected; God changed my life.

“And I will forgive their wickedness,
and I will never again remember their sins.”

– Hebrews 8:12

Sorry Everyone!

I would like to apologize to all my readers, both avid and casual. I have been very busy as of late, often times out of town even. So please forgive me! I will say that I have many topics to talk about and just some cool things to share with you all as well. For instance: God really changed my life at PFYouth Camp, I realized how important it is to keep God in your relationships, what it’s like to be overwhelmed by life and how easy it can be to fix that, my new iPhone (xD), and my short story I’m writing! So please, I ask that you all bear with me and forgive me for losing touch! I’ll be back at it better than ever very soon!

Thanks, David.